What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of what substances are made of, their particle structure, their properties and their chemical reactions.

Chemistry has a certain magic about it.  The very first chemists, known as alchemists, were sometimes believed to have magical powers. Today, we know a lot more about substances and with an informed use of chemicals, the quality of our lives has improved drastically. Think about how our lives would be without medicines, household products, beauty products, home improvement products or water treatment chemicals. The list is endless.

So why study Chemistry? Apart from allowing you to pursue an exciting chemistry-related career, Chemistry will give you a deep insight into the world around you. You will gain insight into the web of patterns that determines how substances behave in the world around us and how they can be put to good use by mankind.

We hope that you will find this information engaging and that it will help to spark your interest in Chemistry.

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Role models

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Poster of Chemistry-related jobs

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Chemical reactions